Ever read the labels on the products and wonder what the ingredients are and where they came from? Ever wonder how to pronounce some of them or wonder if ingesting these “food” ingredients is healthy? With this blog, my aim is to get you away from chemically laden processed “food” and teach you how to convert to cooking and eating nutrient dense foods that are rich in nutrients instead of chemicals.

Traditional cooking methods and real food brings me back to growing up on home cooking and helping my mom in the kitchen canning tomatoes, baking bread, pickling (fermenting) vegetables and meats, making our own jams and jellies from the fruits we picked from our back yard trees. This blog aims to help you re-discover that type of REAL food and how much better it is for you than the processed chemically laden “food” that is on the supermarket shelves. Pure wholesome foods, and recipes containing REAL ingredients is what you’ll find on this site. Trust me, butter is NOT your enemy, and neither are any other grass-fed saturated fat.  Seriously, would you really prefer butter flavored margarine or shortening to real butter?   Since my bout with breast and thyroid cancer in 2003, I’ve changed my eating habits.  I’ve stopped eating processed foods laden with chemical preservatives and substitute food ingredients, such as margarine and substitute butters, shortening, and substitute eggs.

WARNING!! My recipes and cooking methods include real butter, cream, bacon, bacon fat, and lard from grass fed pastured animals, raw whole milk yogurt, whole eggs including the yolks, raw honey, pure maple syrup and whole grain flour. In diabetic low carb no sugar recipes, I substitute Stevia for maple syrup and honey. There is nothing low fat about my cooking methods. I do not use margarine, egg substitutes, butter substitutes, low fat processed dairy or refined sugar and corn syrup. In essence, I do not use substitute foods. I use the REAL thing. Also, there is nothing fast about this food, as I do NOT use a microwave oven and EVERYTHING is from scratch. The site I’ve created here aims to debunk the “politically correct” propaganda regarding health and nutrition and bring back the old traditional methods and recipes.

For those of you who are new to real foods, here is a list of what REAL food should be:
1. Organic
2. Humanely raised (animals raised on pasture, not in factory farms)
3. Grown locally when possible
4. Whole and unrefined (real maple syrup instead of high-fructose corn syrup)
5. Processed as little as possible (raw milk instead of pasteurized and homogenized)
6. Nutrient-dense (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics)
7. Free of additives and preservatives
8. Free of synthetic and chemical ingredients
9. Not genetically modified
10. Traditionally produced and prepared

Bon Appetit!!