About Me

Hi everyone!!

Allow me to introduce myself and fill you in on why I started this blog.  I’m Roseann and I was born and raised a city girl. I grew up in a town in New Jersey that was only a mile across the Hudson River from New York City.  I worked in downtown Manhattan and in January 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and thyroid cancer. I had chemotherapy for the breast cancer followed by a lumpectomy. During my treatment I read more and more about more alternative methods of treatment, and started to regret having chemo.  I realized that chemotherapy actually destroys your immune system and makes you more vulnerable for the cancer to return later on with a vengeance.  After the treatment and surgery, I refused radiation and refused to take Tamoxifen. I read that Tamoxifen increases your risk of uterine cancer.  How ironic is THAT???  A drug that is supposed to reduce my risk of breast cancer returning, makes me more vulnerable to another type of cancer.  I said NO WAY!!    It was then that I decided that I don’t need the Tamoxifen and I went in search of building up my immune system so that the cancer won’t return. I realized that diet plays such an important role and how important it is to consume a nutrient dense diet of real live foods with live enzymes and cultures. I decided to do an about face and change my lifestyle and my diet.  I’ve learned that the so called enriched, processed packaged foods offered nothing in the way of nutrition.  All they offered were chemicals masquerading as food.

I have since moved from the city environment and now have a small farm, where we raise chickens both for meat and eggs and we have a couple of goats that we milk and I make goat milk cheese.

So, I cordially invite you to join me on my journey in discovering traditional foods like our ancestors cooked and sustainable living and farming.  What??  Learn from a city girl about farming??  :)  That’s where the fun begins!!