As you all know by now, the aim of this blog is to learn to cook and eat traditional wholesome real food the way nature intended.

The food you eat contributes a great deal to your health and well being.

Eating a healthy diet that is loaded with the nutrition your body needs, will help prevent sickness.

I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: literally.

One of the problems we face today is the consumption of fast and convenient food, that is full of fillers, chemical preservatives, sugar, trans fats, sodium, and a lot of artificial flavors and colors. These foods will eventually make us sick.

Then of course, conventional medicine has a plethora of drugs to offer us when we do get sick. When you watch TV these days, practically every commercial is trying to sell you some kind of drug to treat what ails you. Notice how I didn’t say “cure?” That’s because the drugs advertised on the market today only treat the symptoms and temporarily alleviate them to make you feel better or maybe even feel worse, considering all the side effects that are associated with many of them.  Oh, and rest assured there are medications to deal with those side effects too.  It’s a never ending cycle.

My answer to all of this is, instead of living on drugs, why not live on good wholesome food to fill ourselves up with the nutrients our bodies need so that we don’t get sick and won’t have to take drugs.

For example, if your new car requires you to put only premium fuel in it or the engine might falter, you would do it, right? If for nothing else, you’d do it to save yourself a costly engine replacement, right?

Well, why not put premium fuel in your body? Aren’t you more worth it than your car? Think of it this way. Your car is running on, let’s say…filet mignon and you’re running on burgers and fries? Now you tell me what’s wrong with that picture.

Eating a healthy diet can prevent disease and can serve to prevent conditions that lead to disease, such as obesity. That’s it for now. If any of you would like to add your comments, feel free to do so, or just drop me an email.

Until next time…I wish you all a happy and healthy day!

Eat something healthy today, your body will thank you for it!!

Buon Appetit!!

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